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   I'm Gary Rusk, the owner of Rusk Professional Property Inspection  and a U.S. Army Veteran. I've also been a licensed General Contractor in Ohio, Maryland and West Virginia with 40+ years of experience in residential and commercial construction. I encourage you to call several competitors before booking a Home Inspection with me, as I am confident you will be calling back.  

I'm a professional Inspector!
We received the inspection report. We can't thank you enough for how thorough you were on the inspection. Your report was impressive (and disturbing!) in its details. You have saved us from making a very bad home-buying decision. We will definitely recommend you to anyone we hear is purchasing a home in the area. It was a pleasure meeting you.

Sincerely, Bruce and Carrie
Hello Gary. I received your report and it was in a timely manner thank you. I am very satisfied with your professional candor in inspecting the home in purchasing phase for me. I will be happy to use your services again and will give good work character to others on your behalf.
Thanks again,
John Vance.
Hi Gary,

Per our conversation today. The courts are requiring a copy of the inspection report with your signature on it.  Please if you can make 2 copies and let me know the charge and I will pay you for it.  Also, a copy of the paid receipt also signed by you.    Additional information!  They need a letter from you stating your involvement and also your experience and why you feel you would be an expert witness.  I know this is such bull but unfortunately they are making us jump thru hoops. 

Thank you for everything you have done!   Give me a call if you have any questions.

Hey Gary!

Donna and I both read it and sent it to the realtor.  All the issues with the house may help us in the long run to keep the cost of the purchase price down…. At least in theory. Please send us your invoice or just let us know how much it cost so we can pay you. We can do it via paypal too if you have an account set up.

Let me know! Take care and thanks!


Wow!!! I'm very impressed with the details this report has!!
Thank you!!!
Matthew M


Sorry I did get the report and forgot to call you to let you know thanks so much for the detailed report